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About Us

Skin Loving Soaps

Lovingly handmade in small batches using only natural ingredients

Many years ago........

My eldest daughter suffered with eczema and hyper sensitive skin and other skin allergies.  Commercial soaps were harsh on her skin and I was horrified to discover the synthetic and nasty ingredients in these commonly called soaps.  So I decided to try making soap.

After carrying out much research and making my first batch of soap I was hooked.  Both  my daughters only use homemade soap now and it has done wonders for their skin.

Glycerine is created during the soap making process and will help soften and moisturise skin.   It is hugely beneficial to your skin and many commercial soaps have the glycerine extracted and companies sell it on to other industries including the cosmetic industry.  So this is why many soaps will dry out your skin.

Handmade soaps are the real deal and typically rich in glycerine, antioxidants, nutrients and they produce a luxurious lather

Much pride is taken in the ingredients used and I choose not to ever use palm oil.  No synthetic fragrances or parabens, no sodium lauryl sulphates or other detergents, no nasties at all. 

Natural colourants are widely available and fun to experiment with so I take full advantage of what the earth naturally provides us with choosing to not use any synthetic colours.  Pure essential oils are used for their wonderful healing and soothing properties.

Goats milk soaps are crammed with skin loving and ethical goodies and goats milk is fabulous in soaps with amazing benefits for skin.

Every bar of soap is handcut and only weighed at point of packaging to allow water to evaporate and give a nice, hard long lasting soap.  So they are always a little over the stated weight. 

Being a member of a local scrapstore enables me to make use of a large and wonderful variety of recycled materials.

All orders are packaged using recycled materials allowing customers to only pay the postage.

Based in Gloucester in the heart of the Cotswolds I live with my two daughters.

 I am not able to tell you that Escento soaps have any curing elements but customers state many benefits such as alleviating dry and itchy skin.

I have yet to meet someone who has reverted back to using commercial. soaps after buying a handmade soap.

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