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Unlike many dog shampoos, this is a solid bar containing only natural ingredients and is completely handmade, one small batch at a time.

There are no synthetic fragrances or harsh additives that are commonly found in commercial dog grooming products.

A mild, gentle soap made with neem oil, coconut, castor and olive oils with ground oatmeal.  

Neem oil helps condition fur and skin and also acts as a safe repellent to mite, fleas or ticks.  A soothing shampoo bar that may be effective in calming dry or itchy skin.

Long lasting, zero waste and plastic free.  Easier to hold and lather than a liquid shampoo.

Feedback from customers have been positive. An all natural soap that ensures any four-legged family member will have no harsh chemicals at bath time.  Handsome Ozzie pictured here loves washing with a natural product free from chemicals.  

Minimum weight 100g

50p from the sale of every bar is donated to Teckels Animal Sanctuary in Gloucestershire.  Teckels provide a top-class boarding facility that supports the rehabilitation and rehoming centre for cats and dogs. 

Oatmeal & Neem Dog Soap

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