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5 Reasons to buy locally....

I visited the Cotswold Craftsmen Gallery in Nailsworth today to top up the soapy goodies I sell there. I remain thrilled that I am able to sell my products alongside such talented and independent makers and enjoy meeting a different member of their guild each time I go there.

Today saw me chatting with ceramic artist, Sally, who makes beautiful and unique clocks, vases and other items.

It is no surprise that Christmas sales account for a hefty part of a retailer’s annual turnover. With a small business a bad Christmas can mark a disaster. Consider shopping locally in the build up to Christmas and shift some spending from large manufacturers to small business owners.

There are dozens of reasons to shop locally – here are just five of them.

1. Supporting local trade means your money stays in the area boosting the local economy.

2. The products are individual and unique to your area, made by independent makers who care passionately about the things they make. Original and handmade gifts are always well received and there is little chance of duplication.

3. It is a good choice to support local trade, the ethical choice to make. Handmade goods are not made in a factory then shipped around using fuel and energy.

4. Longlevity – the items are usually made with carefully sourced components and are made to last. Large manufacturers don’t think along the same lines wanting to usually produce things as cheaply as possible. It is economical to spend £30 on a ring that will last rather than £10 on one that may break or tarnish in a few months.

5. When you buy from a small business you are literally helping put food on the table. I really do little happy dances after each sale at markets (and will happily demonstrate). I know when I buy from another small business I get that warm feeling too.

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