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Love your Lips

How healthy is your lip balm? Many lip balms contain petroleum which is pretty disappointing given that the entire purpose is to hydrate lips. Petroleum, a by product of the oil industry is not hydrating but rather drying! It contains crystalline and liquid hydrocarbons and it has been challenged by dermatologists as to how efficient it is - indeed it acts as a sealant creating a barrier on lips giving me no confidence whatsoever in its ability to hydrate. So it is hardly an eco friendly choice.

Lip balm is applied often and ingested so it make sense to use one that is healthy and natural.

Using a blend of shea butter, sunflower oil and beeswax gives a luxury lip balm that moisturises, softens and soothes lips. All varieties will nourish and hydrate lips. Peppermint provides an uplifting tingle, Lavender a relaxing boost. Rose Geranium lingers. Both Lemon and Lime are refreshingly lifting. All give a long lasting and non sticky sheen.

Luckily batches have now been made up for upcoming markets and events. Also available online and at The Cotswold Craftsmen Gallery in Nailsworth.

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